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What is CommitHub

We are a tech startup that offers web design, development and IT services to improve a company's infrastructure. Through our site we offer free resources to help developers and non-developers to learn about different topics on tech.

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Focus on what matters the most

cpu brain

Need a web app but don't want to spend hours learning how to make a site? Let our tech wizards handle it

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant without breaking the bank we are your guys

When was the last time you did a backup for your site? We offer automatic backups and server mantainance

Skills you can count on

development of web-apps

Web Applications

Experience on full stack technologies like AngularJS, React, Vue, NodeJS and Express

responsive design

Responsive Web Design

Design that fits any device to fit your apps needs

database management

Database Management

An expertise in both relational and non-relational databases


Linux/Unix Understanding

Daily users of Linux/Unix systems having a basic understanding on how it operates

technical consulting

Self Learners

Capable of learning new technologies in an agile environment to reach goals

friendly developer

Contributor to the Team

Packed with diciplines in agile processes and a friendly always willing to help attitude to reach our deadlines as quick and smooth as possible

What's new at CommitHub

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Sudo 05 - What the heck are containers?!

The script used for the Sudo podcast episode what the heck is aws

Image of Ori Alvarez & Nick Ronnei
Ori Alvarez & Nick RonneiApr 1st 2021
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Containers Explained

Containers feel like a black box to me. Let's learn what they are, their history, and create one

Image of Ori Alvarez
Ori AlvarezFeb 15th 2021
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Big O Explained

In depth explanation of Big O covering what is an algorithm, what is big O, formal definition, techniques to identify the time complexity with examples

Image of Ori Alvarez
Ori AlvarezDec 18th 2020

Our Process

discovery phase


We will conduct data analysis, customer interviews and internal interviews with your companies employees to determine what is the best approach for your product.

strategy phase


With the analysis done on the Discovery phase we can create an overeaching strategy for your product. This will include information like what the pages we’ll have, how navigation will work, visual style, conversion paths, etc.

wireframing phase


We’ll then do a basic wireframe of your new website that will show the navigation page layouts, copy, etc. This will allow you to understand how the site will look and what messages will be conveyed, and will allow us to iterate quickly until everyone is aligned.

design phase


We’ll then turn the wireframe into a high fidelity design that shows exactly how each page of the website will look. We will present this back to you as an interactive prototype that will allow you to click through the website and experience it as if it was live.

development phase


We’ll then develop the website on an CMS of choice preferably using the framework Vue. Using a CMS like Contentful combined with Vue or any other front end framework, makes it quicker for us to develop, and also makes it easy for you to update the website however you need.

launch and training phase

Launch and Training

Once the website is built, we’ll jump on a video call and walk you through the new website. Once you’ve signed off on it, we’ll push it live and archive the old website in case you need anything from it. Finally, we’ll do a basic training session with your marketing team so they understand how to edit the website when they need.

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