About Me

Luis Alvarez

I was born in Tampa, Florida and since I was in college I started to gain a lot of interest in computers and how they were programmed. I started programming by learning how to make videogames. For a few videogames I made pixel art and it was an amazing rewarding experience. Later along college I started to build websites and got really into JavaScript. That led me to do a a few websites for some clients and a voice assistant for LuvCheck as an internship. I believe that every person has the potential to do great things.

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Why Choose Me?

development of web-apps

Web Applications

Experience on full stack technologies like AngularJS, React, Vue, NodeJS and Express

responsive design

Responsive Web Design

Design that fits any device to fit your apps needs

database management

Database Management

An expertise in both relational and non-relational databases


Linux/Unix Understanding

Daily user of Linux/Unix systems having a basic understanding on how it operates

technical consulting

Self Learner

Capable of learning new technologies on the job or outside to meet work or personal goals

friendly developer

Contributor to the Team

Packed with diciplines in agile processes and a friendly always willing to help attitude to reach our deadlines as quick and smooth as possible